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Farm Fresh Chicken Eggs

Farm Fresh Chicken Eggs

1 dozen of our farm fresh, free range chicken eggs. Our ladies are free range birds, able to forage and roam our 6 acre property consuming an natural diet. 


Farm Fresh, free range chicken eggs are found to contain less cholestrol and saturated fat than store bought eggs. Our eggs also contain higher amounts of omega-3 fatty acids, vitamin E, beta carotene and more than 3x the amount of Vitamin D than the typical eggs found on grocery-store shelves. They come in a variety of beautiful colors.


Eggs are farm fresh, meaning they have not been washed. Unwashed farm fresh eggs do not need to be refrigerated as they still contain their natural coating. They are good for approx. 60 days on the counter.


If you wash your farm fresh eggs, you will need to refrigerate them. They wil be good for 21 days.


These eggs are intended for consumption only. They are not fertile and will not hatch.

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