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Getting Creative With Backyard Chickens

Updated: Jan 12, 2022

Backyard chickens have become increasingly popular with the COVID-19 era.. More and more homeowners are looking for ways to become more self sufficient and backyard chickens offers a fun past time with endless fresh eggs like you would get on the farm.

Most municipalities allow backyard chickens with very a few restrictions - no roosters and you may be limited to a number of hens. Contrary to popular belief, you do not need a rooster in order to get eggs from a hen. A hen will lay up to 280 eggs per year without a rooster.

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But for now, lets check out these incredibly cool chicken coops we found around the internet:

Circus Coop

Chicken Hotel

Treehouse Chicken Coop

Police Car Coop

Rocket Coop

Hogwarts Coop

Tardis Coop

UFO Coop

Farm Truck Coop

School Bus Coop

Chicken Village

Camper Coop

KFC Coop

China Cabinet Coop

We hope this gives you some inspiration for your backyard chicken coop!

Happy Farming!

Highlander Farm

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