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Meet Your Farmers


Jake Maechling


Gwen Maechling

When I met Jake, his MYSPACE profile (yes, myspace lol) actually said he wanted to get a goat someday. It goes without saying that fate has a strange way of bringing people together. We've raised chickens and ducks in our neighborhood for over 10 years before the goat discussion came back up. We've talked about living off grid in a container home and walking outside to our in-ground grocery store. Then the COVID pandemic arrived and we pulled the trigger and bought a farm. (More fate at work). 

We spent the better part of 2021 rehabbing the old farm house that sat on this property. It was a tough project with a lot of challenges, but definitely goes in our Top 10 things we have accomplished together as a family. 

There's something about a farm that warms your soul, so much more than any award winning chicken noodle soup could ever do. Farm life is magical. I remember being at my grandfather's farm growing up, playing in the hay loft, feeding horses, pulling turnips.... I think there is a farmer in all of us dreaming of a simpler life full of everyday magic and wonder. 

Everyday is a new experience. Some are good experiences and some are not so good experiences, but they teach us something, and therein lies the value.  Farm life is hard, but it also can be so rewarding. You develop relationships - with the animals, with the eco-system, with mother nature. You learn quickly not to take more than you give, there is a natural order to things and the way they are intended to be. Which is why we raise our animals without antibiotics and grow our food without the use of commercial pesticides and fertilizers. Mother nature is designed to provide everything we need, and we were designed to consume it that way. 

Everyday, we are working on improving systems here at the farm and putting new systems in place. We are excited to share our journey with you all. You can find us on Facebook, Instagram and YouTube. And, of course, if you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to us.

Happy Farming!

Gwen & Jake

Image by Christopher Carson


Do you hear the rooster calling? We invite you to come and farm with us for an up close, hands on experience of Farm Life. Gain valuable insight and information about permaculture, animal husbandry, worm farming, composting and more!

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